Animal Zodiac

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Tree Zodiac

December 24-January 20: Birch
The term “birch” means rebirth or renewal. People of this zodiac are known to be very ambitious, reliable, determined, and flexible in nature. They generally make very food organizers and leaders. They are better in leading rather than following. Failures can never be an obstacle in the way to success. As individuals, they are very loyal. Although they tend to be slender on the outside, inside they’re stubborn, determined, and strong-headed. They’re perfectionists as far as cleanliness is concerned. Purity is something with which these people are born. Work-o-holic is the best description since they always tend to have a routine and well specified work of life. Health is their prime concern, but still they get affected both physically and mentally. They prefer not to expose themselves too much, whether in the office or at home. In fact, their low profile character becomes their principal identity. On the dark side, they have a very pessimistic outlook. Successful marriages occur in late life. Financially, they are very stable. At times, a feeling of loneliness and depression may engulf them from all sides.

January 21- February 17: Rowan
As per the Celtic belief, Rowan trees are generally planted in order to wave off all evils. Progressive thinkers and idealism are the key words for people under this sign. They are born as strong human beings who love changes and variations, tend to become impatient with restrictions, and are artistic and creative by nature. As individuals they remain detached and aloof. Artistic and creativity are their bright sides. If they don’t get the opportunity of expressing their creative nature, they tend to become quarrelsome and irritated. Conformity is something they hate from the very bottom of their hearts. Kindness and helpfulness are things which come naturally. They can’t tolerate any kind of conceit. Although very sympathetic by nature, they generally avoid taking responsibilities for others. Supportiveness is something within their nature. Being highly ambitious people, they tend to marry in later life.

February 18- March 17: Ash
Ash is well known as a sacred tree. It’s believed the wood of this tree is enchanted; as a result they were used for making the wands for the Druids. People belonging to the Ash are very witty and spontaneous. Moreover, they are lively, curious, and intelligent people. As individuals they are excellent speakers and communicators who love experimenting new projects and ideas. They tend to be compassionate about animals and pets in general. As far as religion is concerned, the Ash people are very orthodox in their faith. Their appearance may not reveal so, but they are very adaptable and can easily recover from any sort of emotional depression. On the dark side, they tend to be easily influenced by other people, and as a result, they can suffer from low self confidence. The Ash children require the proper training and guidance on every minute things of life. Beautiful and melodious singing voices are something they are blessed with. Fantasy and mystics interest them a lot. Water bodies and oceans seem to attract them. Their career should never be bound by strict routines and guidelines.

March 18- April 14: Alder
Energetic, courageous, and determination are the keywords of the Alder people. They love taking risks and are hard workers. They have an affectionate and charming nature. As individuals they are adventurous and self reliant. They love to live in a world made by themselves. Being adventurous, they are always inclined to break rules, overcome obstacles and hindrances, and explore the relatively newer side of life. Quick temper and selfishness are some of the qualities which are of high prominence to them. These people are blessed with a great sense of humor. Energy and determination remain in them throughout the day. They are accommodative and gentle, charming and affectionate as well. Alder people are generally attracted towards dangerous and risk taking works which would repel any sane human brain. Psychologically, these people are uncomplicated and express their inner needs, desires, and feelings in a straight forward manner. If they don’t learn how to prioritize their works and be diplomatic, all their energy will be wasted.

April 15- May 12: Willow
This tree is considered to be sacred to the moon. People under this sign are generally blessed with strong memories. They are very easily driven by emotion. Apart from that they have a strong will. Mystery and adventure are keywords in their life. As individuals they respond instantly to situations and always remain alert. There are two types of Willow individuals: the “new moon” individual and the “full moon” individual. The former type is basically very unreliable and is adjustable to changes; whereas the “full moon” type doesn’t pay any heed to advice provided by other people. As Willow people, their mood swings from one direction to the other very abruptly. As innovators they excel everybody else. They are extremely protective and possessive about their loved ones and the passive tenacity within them makes them excellent counselors. They are well known as individuals who forgive and forget very easily and go ahead in life. At work, Willow people are reluctant to prove themselves if given a responsible position and the power of authority. In public, they never wish to discuss a controversial topic, but personally they tend to hold a very strong and stubborn opinion.

May 13- June 9: Hawthorn
Hawthorn symbolized psychic protection. Creativity and confidence are the keywords of the Hawthorn people. They are also very short tempered and get easily bored. As individuals they are gifted performers in any field. Generally the Hawthorn people are well known for being charismatic and creative. They all possess the ability to adapt themselves to any sort of changes very easily and quickly. They are gifted with the power to influence others to think in the same way as them. Brimming with high self confidence makes them outstanding leaders. Apart from these things, being lively and fluent communication skills are the chief characteristic traits of these people. Any sort of brilliant plans or concepts or ideas generally come out of Hawthorn brains. They mostly participate in sports activities. Their sharp and brilliant sense of humor complimented with their communication skills make them excellent journalists, writers, and leaders. They generally make wonderful and caring parents who cannot easily be taken for a ride by the off-springs. Colorful and luxurious lifestyles are the hallmark characteristic of these people. They crave new challenges and difficult hurdles in life.

June 10- July 7: Oak
The oak tree is considered as one of the most sacred trees of the Druids. The tree symbolizes truth and knowledge. People under this sign are known to have strong determination. They are basically calm and cool headed folks. Natural leaders are the best career option for them. As individuals, they are serious, self motivated, and full of enthusiasm. They always think positive and bear an optimistic outlook. Their cheerful personality makes them very prominent. Their enterprising personality coupled with a broad vision makes them stand out in a crowd. Demanding jobs and professions are what attracts the Oak people. But at times they tend to take up certain bad financial risks and absurd decisions which may prove to be futile for their personal and professional lives. As friends and business associates, they are very generous and love to show off their status and possessions. Pride is something which dominates the greater part of their personality. As partners, the Oak people often set standards and limits which may be difficult for their partners to attain. Though they are optimists by nature, blindly relying on someone does not readily happen.

July 8- August 4: Holly
Holly was honored as the successor of the Celtic chieftains. People born under this sing are generally known to be humble, practical, efficient, and cautious. They are capable of doing any type of job if given the responsibility. A pessimistic outlook is the main drawback in your life. They feel nobody can be relied upon and therefore always remain cautious and alert. They prefer to lead rather than to be led. As partners, the Holly people are loving, caring, supportive, and a bit possessive. Otherwise as individuals they are very rational and logical. They are gifted with a good business sense but prefer to assist rather than lead. In relationships these people are very protective as well as possessive. Whatever the situation they tend to support their partner and bring him/her out of the crisis. For them- word is law. Once they give their word to somebody or promise to do something, nothing but the supernatural forces can prevent them from doing the same. Personal integrity is something which is very prominent in them. They tend to exert influence upon a lot of people but prefer to remain behind the stages. Until and unless given the guarantee, they are not general risk takers. With the use of logic and practicality, they can solve even the most difficult problems.

August 5- September 1: Hazel
As we all know, hazel nuts are the source of knowledge and wisdom. The hazel tree is looked upon as the tree of wisdom. Born under this zodiac, people are generally artistic in nature. Teacher is the best career option for them. They are ideal thinkers and preachers. As individuals they are also very analytical, lively, and imaginative. The Hazel people are known to be very clever complemented with a good power of reasoning. Checking out each and every minute detail for a particular thing, they tend to be good event planner and organizers. The artistic ability within them leads to the creation of beautiful things which are required in everyday life. However, they lack self worth and confidence. Energy, be it mental or physical, is the keyword for them. As far as health is concerned, the Hazel people are prone to suffer from sudden and serious headaches. The Hazel is probably the only Celtic sign who is found to be cool and reserved under any given situation. Physically, they are slender, but mentally, are very challenging with a strong stamina. At times they tend to become a bit argumentative for achieving something they’ve tried to achieve for a long time.

September 2- September 29: Vine
It is known to all of us that the grapevine needs extra care to bear fruits. Like the grapevine, people under this sign need extra care to be brought up. They are of a discriminating nature and always stand out in the crowd. They enjoy the position of authority and set high goals for themselves. Though they seem to remain detached and aloof, they are great lovers. As individuals they are very sensitive and self critical. As people of dual nature, the Vine people tend to be extremely vulnerable. They can seem happy one moment and then in tears the next. There is a determined and strong sense of survival within them. Kind, gentle, soft hearted, and god socializers are words that describe them best. They are basically the simple and easy-going human beings who require a certain amount of mental and emotional security. As partners they are very passionate and are known to make the best lovers of the Celtic signs. They can never be underestimated by anybody as they always remain ahead of others when it comes to consistency in work and creative plans.

September 30- October 27: Ivy
The power of the ivy plant is to bend and to cling. This made it a tree of strong determination. This is the very same nature of the Ivy people. Apart from this nature, the Ivy people are also very restless and good natured human beings. They take up difficult challenges and tasks with an optimistic outlook. As individuals they are friendly and cheerful. They are also blessed with the magnetic power of attracting people. Their stamina, perseverance, and artistic talents bring you public recognition. Expansive, cheerful, attractiveness are the keywords that describe these people best. They are intellectual and witty too. As partners the Ivy people are extremely loyal and can balance things very well. The Ivy people have the courage to acknowledge their mistakes. As far as romanticism is concerned, they are very sensitive and emotional. In love, they become quite generous, caring, and possessive about their partners. They need to avoid the problems of others. If they get involved then they will easily become impatient and depressed.

October 28- November 24: Reed
The Celts used reeds for making pens. This tree is the symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and scholarship. Born under this sign, people are well known to be fearless and complex. Pride and independence are the famous Reed personality. They seem to have faith in destiny and as individuals they fight out challenges. Reed people are generally imaginative and are clear sighted about all sorts of complex matters. As friends they are very devoted, powerful, and generous. Jealousy is one of the negative traits of the Reed personality. At times of challenge, Reed people become the forceful type of individual. Moreover, they set a clear and prominent target for themselves and hardly get distracted from their goals.

November 25- December 23: Elder
The name implies the Elder people are brave, extroverts, and self sufficient. Routine repels people born under this sign. They are known to be highly energetic and restless people. These people hate to work under pressure and they need constant new challenges and variation in life to remain calm. As individuals they are very lively and impulsive. At times they can be very cruel and heartless. They tend to be an unwise judge when it comes to choosing their circle of friends. They have a knack for distant traveling. The strength of the Elder individuals lies in their basic knowledge of knowing when they are in the right or in the wrong. As partners, they are very open and liberal. They give their partner all the rights he/she deserves. They are self disciplined individuals and if anybody interrupts their disciplined lifestyle, they tend to become reckless and dangerous.